1. Is it necessary to register if I wish to volunteer at JVC? Are there any requirements?
You don’t need to register. There are no requirements, but you are advised to attend one of our orientation days.
Please get in contact with us at info@ngo-jvc.net.
2. Do you only accept Japanese volunteers?
No, volunteers from any countries are welcome.
3. Can I do “ad hoc” volunteer work at JVC when I visit Japan?
Yes, you can. We will ask you some simple office work such as sorting out leaflets, putting address seals on envelopes, collecting used stamps, and so on. In the meantime, you can enjoy conversation with JVC staff and other Japanese volunteers. Please get in contact with us beforehand at info@ngo-jvc.net.
4. What kinds of volunteer work do you have?
If you know both English and Japanese, we will ask you to translate documents. The English Volunteer Team is working for this purpose every Thursday at the office.
Other volunteer work comprises of cutting used stamps and dispatching letters, for which no proficiency in Japanese is required.
5. Can I request JVC staff to speak for my event/group?
You can call our staff for a lecture or a seminar for a fee. Please contact us at info@ngo-jvc.net.
6. How can I do an internship at JVC?
Our internship is a one-year commitment, starting in April and ending in March of the following year. No short-time internship is accepted. You are required to work full-days at the office at least twice a week. For this role, interns must be able to read and write in Japanese.
For more information on our internship, please visit the link below:

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