We have held benefit classical concerts every year since 1989 in Tokyo (for 30 years) and since 1994 in Osaka (for 25 years). The purposes of the concerts were to raise funds to support JVC’s fieldwork and to create a greater awareness of international cooperation. We invited conductors and soloists from all over the world. Many volunteers participated in the JVC choir for the Tokyo concerts or supported the management of the concerts in various forms. The concerts raised about 260 million yen in total and were enjoyed by some 55,000 audiences to date.

Although the sale of the tickets was satisfactory, we finally decided to put an end to the concerts in 2018. This was because of the difficulties in maintaining a sustainable operation and a positive balance of income and expenditure. We sincerely thank all the people concerned including performers, volunteers, audiences, and supporting companies and organizations. Here are the archives of some recent concerts.

Archives of previous concerts

2015 Concerts

Here is a video of JVC Benefit Concert held in Tokyo in 2015.

2016 Concerts

2017 Concerts

2018 Concerts

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