Imai, the president of JVC, gave a lecture at Sofia University (2019).

Program Background

Global issues in the world tangle each other in a complex way across borders. In order to solve such issues, we work together through a network of citizen’s organizations. We are aiming at expanding a network of international cooperation to build societies where everyone is respected.

Events, Lectures, Development Education

To spread information about world situations that are not covered by the media, we gave lectures in elementary and junior high schools, high schools, and universities. We delivered the voices of local people and taught the students how to be involved in international cooperation while in Japan. We also organized or co-organized online events. Some of them are listed below.

• Report meeting on the urgent statement on Gaza, Palestine by ten Japanese NGOs

• Crosstalk by the overseas staff of JVC: “The moment when I felt the power of determining the future”

• Peace & Democracy Forum: “Thinking peace and democracy from the issues in Okinawa and the world”

• A lecture on international cooperation (Seinan Jo Gakuin University)

• A multicultural understanding course (Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education, the University of Tokyo)

Media Coverage

Besides the direct transmission of information through events, we appeared on various media such as newspapers, radio, and television to appeal to a broad range of people. We were introduced 20 times in the media in the fiscal year 2021.

We will give lectures in events, classes, and so on.

[Source: JVC Annual Report 2021]

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