Changing society by delivering the voice of the locals

The background of the world problems we want to solve is something that goes past borders and are closely related to each other. To overcome challenges through connections between fellow citizens, as well as to build a world where everyone is cherished, JVC regards as important “enlarging the ring of international cooperation”.

Communicating with our supporters also via web

To deepen our communication with our supporters, we conducted an online survey. More than 120 people have kindly participated. They have left many warm comments that gave our staff energy, such as “I can’t volunteer but I will make a small donation instead”, “By supporting you monthly, I get reminded of my original purpose”, and so on. For such comments we would like to thank you again. Because of our feeling of wanting to connect more with our supporters, from this year on we started a trial run of supporters-only online community management, in addition to online events.

We connected with many people through the BOOKOFF secondhand books buying campaign

In the event of a donation from Sumitomo Riko Co. Ltd.

From December 20, 2022, to March 30, 2023, we put in place a campaign “Education to the children of Sudan through your books!” that consisted in supporting education by sending books, CDs, DVDs, games, etc. that were not needed anymore. A total of 41,318 items between used books, CDs, and DVDs were collected. Unnecessary books led to approximately 740,000 yen in support. In addition to individual participation, there were more than 30 locations across Japan that set up collection boxes and carried out collection activities. There was also the collaboration of elementary school students, as well as initiatives of collection in supermarkets and within businesses. It was a very valuable opportunity as we were able to connect with many people.

Voice from an Intern

“Continuing activities with the power of various intentions, not just one”

Takebayashi Kanta

I attended a lecture at my university by an ex-staff of JVC, during the period when we could not go anywhere because of COVID-19. Fascinated by the activity “Looking at the root of the problem and working with the local community”, I signed up as a monthly supporter and even participated in the activities as a public relations intern. I learned a lot of things there, but the “flow” of JVC’s activities was really wonderful. The staff members with diverse backgrounds deliver donations from supporters with a variety of ideas to various places and people around the world. JVC operated with the power of many different intentions, rather than just one. I graduated from university this spring and entered the workforce, but as a member of the whirlpool of international cooperation, I would like to continue to support and learn.

Message from Project Manager

“I feel that I owe responsibility to people in our activity sites and Japan”

Namiki Mai, Public Relations Manager

JVC’s public relations activities are consistent with the idea of “transferring the voices of local people to Japanese society.” Many staff members responsible for overseas business and public relations attend debriefing sessions, lectures, and events. Recently, there has been an increase in online activity, and we are now able to reach people far away. As a PR manager, what I feel while interacting with everyone on a daily basis is that “we earned their trust.” Each of our supporters has important feelings and passions, and it is precisely because we have people who share our thoughts that we are able to stay here, work, and create change. I would like to share what I have seen and heard with you as much as possible, and together we can become a force for changing society.

Voices from Supporters

“An opportunity to feel connected to our lives”

Yamaji Rie, Policy Promotion Division, Pal System Tokyo

I have been involved in delivery and sales at Pal System Tokyo’s distribution center, but last year I was transferred to my current department, which deals with peace. For the first time, I learned about the problems happening in the world and the people who are affected by them and provide support. I also realized that there was a connection between me and such people. When I visited JVC for a volunteer project, I was warmly welcomed, and first-time participants, including myself, were able to relax and learn about the activities. I hope that we can continue to cooperate in various ways and provide many members with the opportunity to feel the connection between what happens in faraway places and their own lives.

“I realized that someone somewhere is happy and that I am being helpful”

Ashibe Kimiko, Volunteer

I have been collecting used stamps for many years. However, I had no way of knowing where and how the stamps were being collected and used, so I continued to send them to a certain organization. At that time, I learned that the picture book publisher Douwakan Publishing, whose picture books I regularly send to my grandchildren, was collecting used stamps for an organization called JVC. From there, I started sending used stamps to JVC, I then contacted JVC and started volunteering at the office. Many items are collected at the JVC office, including stamps. You can turn things that would otherwise be thrown away into money and use them to help someone else. I was able to learn that even though what I do may be something small, someone, somewhere, is happy and that I am being helpful. I am filled with gratitude towards Douwakan Publishing and JVC.

“A step towards a world where you can live a normal life according to your own will”

Kurita Takayuki, Monthly Supporter

I have been involved with JVC for over 30 years. At first, I became a member because I wanted to be involved in a world I had never seen before. After that, I had the opportunity to visit many developing countries for work. While I had some fun experiences there, interacting with various cultures and people, I also met people who were forced to live their lives in harsh environments such as poverty and war. There were many times when I felt helpless in such situations. I can have a normal life if I come back to Japan. However, I always maintain a sense of ownership, and through JVC’s support, I hope to contribute in some small way to the people living in such harsh realities, and to create a world in which as many people as possible can live normal lives according to their own will.

Achievements in 2022

People supported us with goods: 3,600

Monthly supporters: 2,014

People connected via social media: 25,440

Events/lectures: 97

[Source: JVC Annual Report 2022]

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