A year-long internship designed to provide Interns with first-hand experience of working for a NGO. The intern will be heavily exposed to the NGO work environment and be responsible for working with not only the NGO staff, but also volunteers and fellow Interns to ensure the success of our numerous projects. This is an unpaid internship; however, the experience you have and the connections you make will surely be priceless.

Reasons to become an intern:

  • Have the opportunity to gain one years’ worth of valuable experience in working for an NGO
  • JVC has ongoing projects in various places around the globe, so you will have the option of choosing the best option for yourself
  • Our Interns are very diverse; they come from various backgrounds and abilities so there is always much to learn
  • Great opportunity to have life changing experiences

To Apply:

Our internship is a one-year commitment, starting in April and ending in March of the following year. No short-time internship is accepted. You are required to work full-days at the office at least twice a week. For this role, interns must be able to read and write in Japanese.

Application for the internship is scheduled to start every February. Please contact JVC for any other information.

Interviews with our 2015 interns:

Hear what past interns have to say about their experience.

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