Due to the limited manpower of the JVC Tokyo office, we temporarily stop accepting new volunteers from other countries except those who have fluent Japanese speaking skills. We will announce if we resume accepting volunteers (as of July 2023).

Volunteers are an essential element of our team. Our volunteers help with a variety of tasks in our Tokyo office such as helping in the dispatch of JVC calendars and translating Japanese articles to English for the JVC webpage. We welcome anyone interested in volunteering. For more details, please inquire at: info@ngo-jvc.net.

Become a Weekly Day Volunteer:

Examples of Daily Tasks Include:

  • Cutting out stamps
  • Sorting through Post Cards and used stamps
  • Processing the shipping and handling of JVC products, such as magazines
  • Dispatching JVC calendars
  • Computer data entry
  • Translating articles
  • Various other office jobs

Other Means of Getting Involved:

Volunteer Team:

Stimulate your curiosity, explore a different culture, and have great experiences by joining one of our many Volunteer Teams.

Join a Volunteer Team:

Join a team of likeminded individuals, learn about a new culture, and support our global projects.

How can I Join? Getting involved is both fun and easy; all you have to do is:
Decide which team you would like to be part of and start coming to the meetings

For more information and a full list of our Volunteer Team, please view the PDF below:
[ PDF of Volunteer Teams ]

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