We encourage anyone interested and supportive of JVC and its mission to become a member. JVC membership is an important element to ensure that our finances can support our global initiatives. As a member you will receive four newsletters (in Japanese only) per year and be notified of all JVC events and projects. Additionally, members will also receive exclusive benefits and discounts.

Membership Options:

Supporting Member:
Through membership, you play an integral part in helping JVC to continue their global activities.
Regular Member:
In addition to supporting JVC, regular members have the power to influence the future of JVC. They are able to vote in the annual JVC meetings — which gives them “influence” on the JVC’s future direction.

Annual Membership Fees:

*fees are the same for both regular and supporting members*

Corporation 30,000 JPY
Individual 10,000 JPY
Student 5,000 JPY

Why become a member ?

  • Our mission is greatly dependent on the support of our members, your support ensure that we continue to work towards a more harmonious world.
  • Members will quarterly receive our Newsletter ‘Trial and Error’ (in Japanese) for free, along with our annual report (in English).
  • Members can take part in study tours located at project areas of JVC and get discounts. Additionally, they can participate in discussions, lectures, and other events with discounts.
Members in an Annual Meeting

Members in an Annual Meeting

Members taking part in Study Tour

Members taking part in Study Tour

Our annual newsletter, “Trial and Error”

Our quarterly newsletter, “Trial and Error”

How can I Become a Member?

Complete the Application Form below, and send it to the e-mail address below. We will then send you a remittance form with which you can pay the membership fee at a post office.

For More Information, feel free to contact us at:

TEL: 03-3834-2388
FAX: 03-3835-0519

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