Start year Country/Area Projects
1980 Thailand Support for the refugees from Indochina, community development, environmental protection
Vocational training and nutritional food support (1980-1984), Improvement of the lives of people living in slums and rural areas (1981-1987), Support for natural agriculture (1988-1992), Support for the independence of communities (1993-2004)
1982 Cambodia Reconstruction assistance, community and rural development, environmental protection
Well digging and water supply (1982-1984), Vocational training (1985-1987), Agriculture and health activities (1988-1992), Sustainable agriculture and mutual assistance (1993-2020)
1983 Somalia Support for refugees, emergency hunger relief, building sustainable villages
Construction of farms (1983-1984), Health care support and school food distribution (1985-1986), Agricultural support (1987-1989), Food support (1993)
1985 Ethiopia Emergency assistance, building sustainable villages, community development
Medical assistance (1985-1986), Afforestation and securing water sources (1987-1990), Support for afforestation, home gardens, and maintenance of water sources (1991-2001)
1987 Laos Support for community development, environmental protection
Training the staff for life improvement (1987-1992), Making community forests, supporting sustainable agriculture, and management of local resources (1993- )
1990 Vietnam Support for community development
Vocational trainings and improvement of the quality of life of the people living in urban areas (1990-1992), Protecting the diversity of agriculture (1993-2008)
1991 Iraq Emergency assistance, protecting human rights, community development
Water aid after the Gulf War (1991), Exchange program through drawing pictures (2002), Medical assistance (2003-2004), Support for internally displaced persons (2005-2008), Community support (2009-2020)
1992 Guatemala Protection of human rights
Widows support (1992-1994)
1992 South Africa Protection of human rights
Vocational training to improve the income of villagers (1992-1994), Community development (1995-1998), Ecological agriculture (1999-2004), Support for HIV/AIDS infected persons (2005- )
1992 Palestine Protection of human rights
Small-scale community development and medical support (1992-1997), Peace education and exchange programs (1998-2001), Cultural and educational support (2002- ), Medical and nutritional support (2002-2007), Community health support (2006- )
1995 Bolivia Protection of human rights
Support for farmer communities (1995-1997)
1996 Rwanda Emergency assistance
Emergency assistance (1996)
1996 Korea Emergency assistance, protection of human rights, peace exchange
Emergency assistance for the damage caused by heavy rain and flood (1996), Humanitarian aid (1997-1999), “Children’s Art Exhibitions,” an exchange program through drawing pictures (2000- )
1997 Papua New Guinea Emergency assistance
Support for the disaster area attacked by a tsunami (1997-1998)
1999 Kosovo Emergency assistance
Emergency assistance (1999)
2000 East Timor Emergency assistance
Emergency assistance (2000)
2001 Afghanistan Medical assistance, educational assistance, peace building
Medical assistance and educational assistance (2001-2020), Peace building (2017-2020)
2005 Sudan Support for internally displaced persons, emergency assistance, community development
Well construction (2005-2006), Support for repatriated refugees (2007-2008), Vocational training (2009-2010), Community support (2011-2013), Support for internally displaced persons (2014- )
2005 Pakistan Emergency assistance
Earthquake emergency assistance (2005-2006)
2006 Indonesia Emergency assistance
Earthquake emergency assistance in Java (2006)
2011 Japan Emergency assistance
Earthquake emergency assistance and reconstruction assistance in Kesennuma and Minamisoma (2011-2017), Earthquake emergency assistance in Kumamoto (2015-2016)
2016 South Sudan Emergency assistance, support for internally displaced persons
Emergency assistance and support for internally displaced persons (2016- )

[As of June 2021]


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