I. Our Vision

We aim to build a society where all people can live in harmony with each other and coexist with nature.

II. Our Missions

In today’s increasingly globalized world, marginalized people are facing difficult living circumstances amidst the structural violence that further discriminates, divides, and oppresses them. In particular, exploitative development activities due to the intensifying market competition and armed conflicts over regional hegemony (initiative), violate the lives of local people and their various rights to autonomous daily lives. We are committed to expanding the circle of social change by working hand in hand with those who are willing to stand up for themselves.

In order to achieve this goal, we will carry out our activities with the following specific missions:

Mission 1: Conservation of natural resources and respect for residents’ sovereignty

In response to the exploitative development activities, we will support practices that protect and utilize local resources, as well as the efforts of those who speak out and are aware of the problems. In addition, we will point out problems to development actors and the international community, encourage them to improve their practices, and make policy proposals.

Mission 2: Realization of a fair society and restoration of rights

We will work with people facing various difficulties such as social discrimination and armed conflicts, to consider the background and find out the causes of such difficulties. We will then provide support to restore the rights of people to live as human beings.

Mission 3: Realization of a convivial society that recognizes differences

In order to promote mutual understanding that transcends divisions based on ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation, we will promote the creation of a convivial society through social and cultural exchanges between members of society.

Mission 4: Social change through policy proposals

We will disseminate information about the situations and problems that people are facing. We will actively participate in citizens’ networks and work together with the international community and Japanese society to find solutions.

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