Women learning in a literacy classroom.

Program Background

Following the peace agreement between the Taliban and the United States in February 2020, peace negotiations started between the Afghan government and the Taliban in September, but despite this, the situation in Afghanistan has been difficult. Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the decrease of international aid, the social situation has deteriorated, and the livelihoods of citizens have become even more difficult. In the fiscal year 2020, we conducted literacy activities to protect the people’s right to education in the Nangarhar Province in cooperation with YVO, an NGO localized from the former JVC Afghanistan office. We completed this three-year project in April 2021 and closed all activities in Afghanistan.

We also conducted countermeasures against COVID-19.

Outline of the Activities

We conducted enlightenment activities to convey the importance of education to the younger generations in the entire region. We held literacy classes and offered opportunities to learn reading, writing, and simple arithmetic regardless of gender to realize the equal right to getting an education. In addition, we conducted a survey and held interviews with families who were the most seriously affected by COVID-19 and provided emergency food assistance in July (this activity was not included in the original annual plan).

Observed Changes

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the start of classes was delayed for two months from the initial plan, but we conducted activities almost on schedule after that. About 300 people (90% were female) learned how to read and write in their mother tongue and basic arithmetic. We took infection preventive measures in the classrooms. Through the three-year activities of this project, the interest in literacy education has increased, and many residents request YVO to hold advanced literacy classes soon. In addition, on the occasion of an exchange event between graduates and new participants, we interviewed the graduates until the fiscal year 2019 and the former teachers. We used the results of the interviews in the final evaluation of the program together with YVO.

As for the countermeasures against COVID-19, we conducted interview surveys and found that the most seriously affected families are day laborers without lands. We explained the detailed selection criteria of aid recipients to elders and religious leaders. Then we provided emergency food assistance to 80 families, who lost jobs due to infection and faced poverty. They could not receive social support and could not even purchase enough food for their families.

Students doing group work in a classroom.

We conducted a COVID-19 prevention campaign in several districts of the Nangahar Province together with the village youth.

Our Partner Organization

Your Voice Organization (YVO)

YVO is a local NGO that became independent from the former JVC Afghanistan office in March 2019. In cooperation with JVC, it is engaged in community education and peacebuilding activities.




* The activities in Afghanistan finished at the end of March 2021. We truly appreciate those who have supported the projects for many years.

[Source: JVC Annual Report 2020]

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