Limited sale! Bring smiles to children by supporting the 2022 International Cooperation Calendar!

[Original by Mai NAMIKI, Public Relations/Fundraising Manager (September 14, 2021); Translated by E. Miyazaki /A. Taguchi]

The 2022 JVC International Cooperation Calendar is on sale from September 1. The calendar has been sold for 35 years through the support of many fans.

There are 2 types of calendars: wall-hanging and desk type.

Let the smiles of children from all over the world warm your heart by hanging a calendar on your wall.

This year’s photographer is Mr. Masashi MITSUI. He has been taking pictures in Asian frontiers while traveling by motorcycle. He has been taking pictures guided by the theme of smiles and working people and was awarded the 2018 Grand Prix of Nikkei National Geographic Photography Award. The theme of the 2022 International Cooperation Calendar is Smiles of Children. All pictures are full of children’s beaming smiles and their daily lives in Burma/Myanmar, India, Morocco, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and East Timor. I hope the pictures will make you think about the current situation in the region and may the children’s photos bring you smiles as well.

January – India

February – Morocco

March – Myanmar

April – India

May – Cambodia

June – Bangladesh

July – Afghanistan

August – East Timor

September – India

October – Cambodia

November – Myanmar

December – Myanmar

Message from Mr. Mitsui (excerpt)

I have been riding around remote areas of the world on a motorcycle to find out what makes people smile. In my 20-year long journey, I have learned about the fundamental resilience and beauty of human beings. Even in the face of plagues, disasters, and economic crises, people work, pray, dress up, and smile. Smiles have no borders. The power to smile is inherent in everyone who lives in this world.

The wall-hanging type will brighten your room

The impact of large pictures is the most appealing point of the JVC International Cooperation Calendar.

We care greatly about the printing quality and the color of the pictures. We receive a lot of positive feedback such as “It brightens up our home!” and “I cannot help but gaze at the pictures.” The wall-hanging type calendar has a large space where you can write your daily schedule. This is the reason why some people say that they need at least this size. The wall-hanging type is also the best choice for those who love photographs.

The wall-hanging type calendar looks like a piece of art from the photographer. This picture shows a boy and his younger sister sharing an ice cream in Afghanistan. It is one of the staffs’ favorite pictures.

The handy desk type is recommended if you plan to put it on your desk

If you sit at a desk every day in the office or use a calendar for remote work at home, the desk type is recommended. Some positive feedback we hear include, “It is useful when I need to quickly check my schedule” and “The pictures on my desk catch my eye and give me comfort.”

Recommended as a seasonal gift such as for Christmas

There are many people who choose our International Cooperation Calendar as a gift or an end-of-year greeting to their friends and families. We will put your name on the delivery tag if you ask us to send a calendar to your family/friend. We will be very happy if you can make this an opportunity to know about the world together with your loved ones.

Our staff’s child (7 years old) explored the pictures saying excitedly “Where does this boy come from?” and “His front teeth are missing, just like me!”. The pictures can create an opportunity to start a conversation between parents and children.

We also have postcards with the same pictures! Please send joyful smiles along with your message to your loved ones. They also look lovely in frames as a piece of decoration in your room.

Our hopes of continuing to print the JVC International Cooperation Calendar

We want people to feel more familiar with what is happening in the world and feel more comfortable participating in international cooperation. These are the reasons why we have continued to print international cooperation calendars since 1986. We have sold more than 500,000 copies in total and have created many fans. For example, buying a calendar priced at 1,600 yen can help provide one month’s worth of education at a supplementary school for two children. They are children who have lost the opportunity to learn due to conflicts in Sudan. In Laos, we can give 16 copies of the Law Calendar to people whose villages are being destroyed due to urban development and empower them with information on their rights to live with nature.

A child learning to write at a supplementary school run by JVC (Sudan).

One calendar can become a chance to change someone else’s life in the world. We appreciate your participation and continued support in hanging an international cooperation calendar on your wall this year.

Treasures of the world – your smile bringing us together

Wall-hanging type (1,600 yen including tax)

Size 28.0 cm × 38.5 cm(56.0 cm × 38.5 cm, when in use)
Weight 250 g
Materia ・Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, vegetable ink
・We use environmental printing methods for our products.
Others ・Monthly, week starts from Sunday
・Booklet type (with a hole for inserting hook)
・Includes moon phase, six labels (rokuyo), solar term, standard days signifying the changing of the seasons

Desk type (1,300 yen including tax)

Size Length 178 mm × Width 160 mm × Thickness 75 mm(when in use)
Weight 120 g
Materia ・Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, vegetable ink
・Paper ring
・We use environmental printing methods for our products.
Others ・Monthly, week start from Sunday
・Booklet type (with a hole for inserting hook)
・Includes moon phase, six labels (rokuyo), solar term, standard days signifying the changing of the seasons

*The number of copies printed this year has been reduced and the quantity is limited. We recommend you purchase calendars early since there are no plans to make additional copies.

*The profit from selling the calendars and postcards will be used to support JVC’s international cooperation activities in South Africa, Sudan/South Sudan, Palestine, Laos, Korea, and Japan.

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