[Original by Asako SHIRAKAWA, Volunteer for Afghanistan Project (November 11, 2019); Translated by K. Otake]

Thanks for your support, here’s the second series of the pictures drawn by Afghan children. They did their best to draw these pictures for New Year’s cards that JVC produces every year. This time I would like to introduce some pictures of dogs, sheep, and monkeys from zodiac animals.

〇I can’t take my eyes off this one. How cute this whining dog is. It looks like a fluffy plush dog. What is it at the end of its tail?

〇Among the pictures of sheep, this is drawn in the most realistic way. What is this sheep looking at…? Sheep is a popular animal in Afghanistan and people eat sheep meat often.

〇A monkey is resting on a tree branch. The well-drawn gloomy look and posture make this picture an eye-grabbing one.

〇Look at this looong tail! And what is this man holding in front of the monkey? What are they doing? I can’t stop wondering about this man.

〇The last one is the front face of a dog. Its collar with a heart-shaped ornament is sweet. And these green eyes are impressive. Its charming characteristic and expressive face make this illustration funny.

That’s all for today! Click here for Vol. 1.

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