Vote for children in South Sudan to help them go to school !

The voting campaign for helping everyone on earth has started as usual this year. It is organized by “the Global Village Fund” of Felissimo Corporation, which has been supporting JVC for a long time. JVC was awarded for the first prize last year. We are grateful for their support!

The Global Village Fund by Felissimo Corporation is based on donations in a unit of 100 yen per month. It is aimed to support projects conducted around the world such as “self-reliance from poverty”, “relief from natural disasters,” and “support for restoration.” Six projects including JVC’s South Sudan Project are nominated for the vote of this year.

The campaign receives votes by general people for two weeks from November 2nd to 15th. The Fund will allocate an amount to each candidate project in accordance with the number of votes received by the respective project. The vote is very simple and takes not more than one minute to finish. You are not required to log in. Please kindly vote for the campaign! You could contribute to making the peaceful future.

[Page for Vote]

JVC’s South Sudan Project/Activity Outline

A large-scale conflict occurred in June 2011 in the South Kordofan state of Sudan, the neighboring country to South Sudan. Many residents fled their homes because of fights and aerial bombardments. About 100 thousand people crossed the border into South Sudan, where about 50 thousand people are living in the Yida refugee camp in the Unity state. There are street children around markets in the camp. They are not going to school but doing child labor to live their lives by collecting something useful in garbage or selling some stuff. JVC is helping those children to go to school by providing them with school supplies, meals, and giving counselling.

Period for Vote

From Friday, November 2nd, 2018 to Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Site for Vote/Method of Vote

[Page for Vote]

Method of Vote

Please vote in accordance with the following procedure;

1. Click the button “Vote.” Move to the Voting Form Page.

2. Scroll down to the project No. 4 of JVC and click. Move to next page.

3. Select your gender and age. Click the button “Send.”

4. Your vote is completed! Thank you for your support.

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