Original by Shigeru KIMURA, Laos Project (July 12, 2018); Translated by M. Takahashi]

The signing ceremony of MoU.

On April 26, 2018, a signing ceremony of MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was held for the new project, which JVC has applied to the Laotian government since last year. The ceremony gave practical permission to the project.

The workshop for the administrative officers of Atsaphangthong district by Yamamuro.

We held briefings for administrative officers in Atsaphangthong district on July 21st, and in Phine district on July 22nd, which marked the start of our activities in the fields. In the morning, we had presentations with slides for the deputy governor and agricultural chief manager of the districts. In the afternoon, we had a workshop to train the staff in charge of the field who are going to the village with us. In Laos, administrative officers of provinces and districts always come along whenever NGO staff visits villages. We make use of this occasion to make them understand what we are doing in the field. We are going to start working in the village this July.

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